Personal and psychoeducational courses

CLASSES IN INDIVIDUAL OR GROUP MODE (3-6 PEOPLE). Theory taught stationary on site, for access to the client or online video chat. Internship on site in Dąbrowa Górnicza or to reach the client. The school is entered in the Register of Training Institutions, operating in the form of lesson hours.

Healthy nutrition course PLN 350 (4 hours), family or individual

DESCRIPTION: The aim of the course is to discuss nutrition for the whole family or single with a review of cabinets.

Discussion of the needs for age, best practices on how to live a healthy life and improve the quality of life.

Motivational workshops
150 PLN (2 hours), 80 PLN (1 hour)

DESCRIPTION: Workshops devoted to motivation to change lifestyle and help in organizing and managing your time in an effective way.

Personal training PLN 100 (1 hour)
  • cosmetics
  • clothing
  • equipment
Personal training PLN 100 (1 hour)

DESCRIPTION: Classes conducted at home or at sports facilities (+ admission ticket price)

Mutual training 70 PLN (1 hour)

If you do not have the motivation to practice alone, you can buy classes with a companion who will also accompany you and correct exercise mistakes.