Cosmetic courses

CLASSES IN INDIVIDUAL OR GROUP MODE (3-6 PEOPLE). Theory taught stationary on site, for access to the client or online video chat. Internship on site in Dąbrowa Górnicza or to reach the client. The school is entered in the Register of Training Institutions, operating in the form of lesson hours.

PLN 3500 (50 hours)
  • 1st degree PLN 1,500
  • II degree 1000 PLN
  • Third degree, PLN 1,000

DESCRIPTION: The course aims to acquire skills from scratch in the field of body and face cosmetics. Divided into degrees to suit your time and financial capabilities. Finished with a certificate.


Nail styling course
1000 PLN gross (1-2 days)

DESCRIPTION: A course with a full range of gel nail stylization, on the form and tips. Certificate. You can choose the gel or hybrid method.


Eyelash extension course 1:1
1000 PLN gross (1-2 days)

DESCRIPTION: Practical course organized to acquire skills in the field of eyelash extension by the 1: 1 method, 2D Diploma.

Eyelash extension course by volume 
PLN 1300 gross (3D-10D)



ne day course for people who have undergone 1: 1 training.
Eyelash extension course Volume 1000 PLN (4D-8D) or express
One-day course for people who have completed at least a 1: 1 styling course


Individual MAKEUP course
PLN 1000 or group PLN 450 (6 hours)

DESCRIPTION: One-day course for people who want to do spectacular make-up and everyday work.

MAKEUP course with a beautician review PLN 350 (4 hours) individual mode

DESCRIPTION: For work, for a party or every day without occasion

One-day course for people who want to do makeup on their own face.